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  1. The mass flow meters made by our company measure the mass flow, temperature, density (concentration of the alcohol percentage content) obtained good results in practical applications. Can be used in the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, food, building materials and energy industries in the detection of process control and custody transfer measurement, and other occasions. Applied to the density measurements, also known as the mass density meter. Used to measure the density of the limestone slurry in desulfurization project; used to measure alcohol in the winery; for measurement of red liquid concentration in the sewage treatment plant; percentage content of lead ore plant for the measurement of pulp ...
  2. Our company has successfully developed the software with standard MODBUS and HART communication function, the mass flowmeter was being remote measurement, control and modify the parameters.
  3. Special measuring instruments of the company is developing an oil drilling in the pressure of 160MPa, temperature 150 ° C environment to work under. Related patents pending.
  4. Our company has exhibited in MICONEX many times, and has attracted a lot of customers to visit.

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