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Product Overview
Principle of Measurement
Product Overview

    KELIBO Coriolis Mass Flow Meters type of KLB-CMFI patented and developed by our company are the leading meters for precision flow measurement. KELIBO meters offer direct mass flow, volume flow, density, and temperature measurement of liquids and slurries. Depending on these parameters, could get consistence of liquid or each consistence of two mixed liquids.
     KELIBO meters are designed for unsurpassed performance in even the harshest operating environments. There are not moving parts, and any special mounting or flow conditioning requirements. They have better anti-jamming, higher precision, wide range, working stably and reliably. The meters easy inner clean, and could self eject inner liquid. They are a wide variety of process connections to meet your every need.
Every KELIBO meter is available with stainless steel wetted parts and a wide variety of process connections to meet your every need.

Main Functions and Characters of Product:
     Offer direct mass flow measurement of fluid in tube.
     High accuracy, fine repeatability, could direct measure mass flow of fluid in high precision with wide range.
    High accuracy in measurement
     The accuracy of mass flow measurement of the flow meters is class 0.2 (0.2%). Also they could measure fluid temperature and density accurately.
    Working stably and reliably
     There is no moving parts or barriers in tubes of flow meters. So they are used easily, safety, high reliability, long lifetime and few maintains.
    A lot of fluids are applicable
     The meters could measure normal viscousness fluid, high viscousness fluid and non-Newton fluid. They measure not only single liquor fluid, but also multi-phase mixed liquors uniformity. The accuracy could be not affected whether laminar flow or turbulence flow.
    Broad areas applications
     The meters could measure, monitor and control in petroleum, chemical engineering, pharmacy, paper making, foods industry, power industry,environmental protection and other broad areas.
    Fine anticorrosive character
     A lot of familiar corrosive fluids could be applicable.
    Multi measure and control functions in real time and real world
     The meters offer direct mass flow, also direct density and temperature of fluid measurement. Intelligentized transmitters offer multi parameters display and control functions. They are a flow measure and control instrument with multi functions in one.

Fine expansibility
     KELIBO Company would design and manufacture special type or special functions mass flow meters for customers’ special orders. The meters also have long distance measuring function.

    Main Purposes and Applied Areas of the Products
     Type KLB-CMFI mass flow meters are used perfectly in incoming dispensation, batch computation, fluid measure and control of technics process, fast detecting density, or quality control and so on.
     Type KLB-CMFI Coriolis mass flow meters mainly used to measure fluid mass flow, mass gross, density, and also volume flow, volume gross, fluid temperature, hydrous percent, consistence of mixed two liquors and incoming dispensation in any process and so on. They used mostly in industries below:

  1. Petroleum, such as computation for crude oil turnout, hydrous percent detecting, single well turnout measurement, measuring for crude oil line feeding.
  2. Chemical industry.
  3. Foods and drinks industry.
  4. Pharmacy, such as measuring for liquid medicine.
  5. Paper making, such as measuring for paper pulp.
  6. Printing and dyeing of drygoods.
  7. Measure for energy sources feeding, such as LPG.
  8. Environmental protection, such as sewage farm.

Main functions
(1) Measurement
     Could be directly measured instant mass flow, mass gross, instant volume flow, volume gross, temperature, density, consistence of mixed two liquid and so on. Could display, output, storage and long distance transmitting, and could modify the parameters of the meter.
(2) Current loop output
     Could output current loop 4mA~20mA, meeting the requirements of industry real-world control.
(3) Frequency/pulse output
     Could output frequency/pulse 0KHz~10KHz, meeting the requirements of industry real-world control.
(4) Batch control
     The contact capacity of batch control relay is 24V/0.1A, and normal open (or normal close), meeting the requirements of industry batch control.
(5) Communication
     There is the function of data communication. Could communicate with computer by RS485, and realize network control.
(6) safety working in hazardous area
     KELIBO meters have carried hazardous area approvals for P. R. China

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